Andean Explorer’s Cusco successfully achieves the TourCert Certification of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism


TourCert is an international certifier based in Germany. These have developed a unique process with technical support and certification system for tourism that focuses on the entire tourism value chain in a sustainable and responsible manner.

After months of work, implementation, records and audits, Andean Explorer’s Cusco received, in the month of November, the TourCert certification of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism, and with great satisfaction, is now part of the International Community of TourCert.

This certification is valid until November 2019, when we will be evaluated again to maintain the certification.

By obtaining the TourCert Certification, Andean Explorer’s Cusco is committed to responsible tourism. Our management and information system are designed under the TourCert standards and have been verified by an independent auditor. The TourCert Certification commits us to continuously improve environmental aspects, working conditions, customer information, as well as establishing fair commercial relationships. The agreements with our service providers, collaborators and communities take into consideration environmental, socio-cultural and economic criteria in the provision of services, preparation and selection of our travel offers.


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