TourCert is an international certifier based in Germany. These have developed a unique process with technical support and certification system for tourism that focuses on the entire tourism value chain in a sustainable and responsible manner.

After months of work, implementation, records and audits, Andean Explorer’s Cusco received, in the month of November, the TourCert certification of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism, and with great satisfaction, is now part of the International Community of TourCert.

This certification is valid until November 2019, when we will be evaluated again to maintain the certification.

By obtaining the TourCert Certification, Andean Explorer’s Cusco is committed to responsible tourism. Our management and information system are designed under the TourCert standards and have been verified by an independent auditor. The TourCert Certification commits us to continuously improve environmental aspects, working conditions, customer information, as well as establishing fair commercial relationships. The agreements with our service providers, collaborators and communities take into consideration environmental, socio-cultural and economic criteria in the provision of services, preparation and selection of our travel offers.

In the presence of the Vice Minister of Strategic Development of Natural Resources of the Ministry of the Environment, William Fernando León Morales, and the head of the National Service of Natural Protected Areas by the State (SERNANP), Pedro Gamboa Moquillaza, was announced today, the signing of one hundred contracts for tourist services in the Inka Trail  of the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu (SHM) with authorized travel and tourism agencies of the Cusco region.

Andean Explorer’s Cusco presented a project to 6 years (2018-2023), which has been approved and recognized by showing us as allies to maintain responsibly the good state of conservation of the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu and allows us to provide the necessary security to all our clients for being an authorized agency to provide tourist services throughout this period.

ANDEAN EXPLORER’S CUSCO Tour Operator was part of the first group of companies certified in “Tourist Quality” by the International Certifier AENOR within the framework of the SECOMPETITIVE Program.

The OGD Cusco promotes the execution of the project “TURACCION – Improvement of the competitiveness of the Tourism Value Chain in Cusco” that seeks to guarantee business sustainability by adding value to its operations and improving its commercial articulation strategies with a demand approach with standards of quality of international markets.

This certification consolidates our business policy of “Continuous Improvement” and strengthens our mission “Satisfying the expectations of our customers, promoting the wealth of our country, with trained personnel, with service vocation, internationally recognized quality and sustainability standards and complying with the regulations of the sector ” and our clients will take an unforgettable experience of our country.

Last Friday, November 03, ANDEAN EXPLORER’S CUSCO Tour Operator was the winner of the Regional Tourism Quality Award 2017 in the category “Travel Agency and Adventure Tourism”.

This award was granted by the Regional Office of Foreign Trade and Tourism – Cusco after a strict qualification to the tourist services provided by the lodges, restaurants, travel agencies, among others, recognizing the companies that contributed in the development of the tourist activity in 2017. Without a doubt, this recognition is for the effort, commitment and dedication of each of our collaborators who day after day provide memorable experiences to our national and foreign visitors.

Andean Explorer’s Cusco, worried about the tranquility, security and satisfaction of our clients and the good image of the tourism in Cusco and therefore in Peru; In the framework of the implementation of our Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (SIG-ITAEC) we decided to design and emphasize the customer response procedure, which includes a basic response format in which to take into account, Design by which INDECOPI, in the context of World Consumer Day, gave us the first place for the effort made and the implementation for the satisfaction of our customers.

IV Macrorueda Pacific Asia in Valparaiso Chile

Andean explorers Cusco, participated in the event, which was attended by more than 150 businessmen from the Alliance between companies from Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru as well as the Tour Operators of China had 2 days of negotiation meetings to attract tourists to each Region, in this context we were able to offer 11 new tourist products, which we are delighted to offer to our customers, Cusco Cultura Viva, Condor Watching, and Machu Picchu the Wonder of the World.