The Live Craft Routes are cultural visits that fit the needs of visitors who want to find in these a participative experience with the local populations possessing a Great Intangible Cultural Heritage, a great wealth of Andean ancestral technologies that are transmitted from parents to Children and has been through centuries of cultural heritage, you can design visits from one day to a month living with peasant communities who will share their knowledge in the ancient art of textiles, ceramics, salt sculpture and elaboration Of articles with the leaves of Maize or corn from the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The Live Craft Routes allow you to know the way of life of the Inheritors of Inca Culture, five thousand years of culture that despite the passage of centuries, still maintains the Andean philosophy of ALLINTA YACHAY, learn with conviction, ALLINTA MUNAY, give your love By conviction, ALLINTA LLANKAY, always do a good job. Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas are waiting for you, the local people want to share with you, they ask for respect, they give you LOVE.

Sacred valley Cusco