A 5-hour walk, 10 minutes away from Cusco; something else to improve the clients´ satisfaction before or after visiting Cusco and its wonders. If you have a free day in Cusco, don´t lose the opportunity to visit the ENCHANTED VALLEY. A lovely, enigmatic place at only 15 minutes from the historic center of Cusco where time appears to have stood still since ancestral days. During a 5-hour walk you can discover and even decipher the mysteries surrounding the as yet unseen Inca temples. You can also appreciate and enjoy our city´s areas of major natural conservation, with abundant and diverse Andean flora and fauna in the areas where the Incas lived.


TYPE: Culture, Nature, Adventure
TYPE OF TRIP: Standard and Private
INCLUDE Land-Transport: Cusco – Huayraqpunku – Cusco by private bus.
Professional Guide: Spanish / English. (As the customer´s requested by).
01 box lunch.
 NOT INCLUDE  Entrances fee for additional archeological sites.




The experience starts from the hotel, heading to the departure point of the trek called Huayracpunku (Quechua name meaning wind gate), to continue through the valley where time has stopped by a signposted path. We can see at the beginning of the route and in front of our view the pyramidal platforms of Machuchoquequirao, lime kilns that date back to colonial times reminding us, the situations that this beautiful valley has passed.

Continuing along the same path we will enter into a fantastic and well preserved meso Andean flora and fauna of the area, with endemic species from the south of the country as well as tree species native to the valley of Cusco, in we will perceive and feel the aromas of medicinal plants used Ancestrally whose virtues are still transmitted by inhabitants of the area, until arriving at Inkilltambo which is a beautiful Inca temple in which we can appreciate and understand the centric thinking of the ancient settler of Cusco.



In the middle of the enchanted valley, we will take a well deserved and comforting rest that will fill our spirit with the joy of sharing with nature the wonder of being alive and enjoying a refreshment offered by women “hampimakis” (healing hands) of the community of Yucanypata , Located inside the Saqsayhuaman Park, and then enter the Inca Trail Network called “Qapaqñan” which led the Incas to the jungle. In it we will see magical springs and stone quarries, from where the Incas extracted the large rocks that Soon they were worked for the construction of their palaces; A few minutes later we will visit the enigmatic Amaru Marca Marca and Kusilluchayoc temple, to finally return to the starting point, where if we are still motivated by curiosity and desire to continue understanding the logic of the ancient Inca people, we will continue to the same historical center of Cusco.

Valle Encantado
Valle Encantado
Valle Encantado