¡World day of Environmental Education! | 26 of January | Andean Explorer’s Cusco

medio ambiente

This January 26 is the World Day of Environmental Education, in order to promote awareness and awareness among the population especially our children as well as the community in general on the care and protection of the environment.

This celebration originated in 1975, the year in which the “International Seminar on Environmental Education” took place in Belgrade, where experts from more than 70 countries analyzed the global environmental situation resulting in the Belgrade Charter, a document that sets goals, objectives , recipients and guidelines of Environmental Education in the future.

The phrase “environmental education” was first defined by Dr. William Stapp of the University of Michigan in 1969, who sought to raise awareness through education and wanted many governments to use alternative energies to take advantage of environmental factors and so not to alter the environment.

Andean Explorer Cusco within its policies, values ​​and procedures promotes the generation of competencies such as protection, responsible consumption, commitment and environmental management in a transversal manner, both in its offices and in the areas where we develop our activities involving each one of our collaborators, suppliers and involved communities. Let’s be part of the change !!!!!!!!




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