Our decalogue

As part of our commitment to sustainability, quality, and social responsibility in Cusco’s tourism industry, we share our Decalogue with our internal and external clients. 

We work with suppliers who offer guarantees of quality and service, respect for human and labor rights, and non-discrimination. Our suppliers must also promote equity and respect the environment. 
2 We make conscious use of natural resources, such as water, paper, and electricity. We recognize that these resources are scarce goods; therefore, their use must be controlled and reduced to ensure their availability for future generations.
3 We strive to minimize waste production. We dispose of our waste in the cleanest way possible, in coordination with entities that specialize in the final disposal of waste.
4 We strive to reduce our carbon footprint (CO2).
5 We do not promote, and openly denounce, the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. We take measures to ensure that our employees are not under the influence of these substances while on the job.
6 We inform our clients that when visiting sensitive ecosystems, we should always strive to cause them the least possible impact and degradation. 
7 We encourage our clients to buy gifts and souvenirs that reflect and celebrate the local culture.  We also encourage them to favor the economy of the local peoples, and to respect cultural diversity and fair prices. 
8 We ask our clients not to purchase flora and fauna protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), or products derives from such species. It is a crime and contributes to their extinction.
9 We promote entertainment that provides knowledge about the culture, customs, cuisine, and traditions of the local peoples. We respect them and only approach them with their permission. They have so much to teach us.
10 We are against exploitation, mistreatment and abuse in any of its forms: Sexual exploitation of minors, exploitation of the communities and people involved in all services and operations, and abuse against domestic and wildlife species. 



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