Andean Explorer’s Cusco
We are dedicated to the provision of tourist services, specialized in nature tourism and adventure in alliance and coordination with the communities involved, our specialized services in hiking, eco-cultural tours and traditional tours make us a highly qualified tour operator of destination, by such reason.
Our Commitments are:
► Effectively control all processes, with special attention to the efficiency and effectiveness of our services, to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and our stakeholders.
► Comply with the current legal regulations, contractual or other agreements, applicable to the processes and in the scope of our services to our clients, workers, suppliers, communities, local, national and international authorities, respecting their rights.
► Protect the environment, biodiversity and its environment, through the implementation of measures aimed at sustainable consumption of resources and prevention of environmental pollution that could arise from our activities or services.
► Continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of internal and external processes within the framework of our Integrated Management System.
► Collaborate in the socioeconomic development of the communities that are involved in our tourism operations and products without discrimination and with equal opportunities.
► Guarantee the active participation of the collaborators in the operation and improvement of the Integrated Management System