Catedral de Cusco

Tour the Historic Center of Cusco

Tour the Historic Center of Cusco

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Tour the Historic Center of Cusco

Plaza de Armas

Tour the historic center of Cusco and know the incredible places that forged the Inca culture. Today they constitute a clear testimony of the Inca and Hispanic architectural integration, with colonial buildings dating from 1540.

The historic center of Cusco, also called the Monumental Zone of Cusco, was named by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1983. If you walk through its streets you will discover the impressive Inca walls and other colonial-style buildings that have won the race. Against time, many of the sites can be visited for free.

Places to visit in the Historic Center of Cusco

Touring the historic center of Cusco is an incredible experience. Before entering Cusco, you begin to see buildings that show the incredible architecture of the city. Look at the places that make up its historic center:

Main Square

This monument was the center of administrative and religious meetings in the city. Today it is the first site in the historic center visited by tourists. There you can find sales of crafts and typical foods of Cusco, as well as fast foods.

The Cathedral of Cusco

Built with architecture in the Baroque style of the time, the Cathedral stands imposingly in front of the Plaza de Armas. Its interior impresses with its liturgical pieces of silver and gold, and original canvases from the school of art and painting.

Church of the Society of Jesus

At the other end of the Plaza de Armas stands the Church of the Society of Jesus. This architectural work in the Baroque style impresses with the number of works of art that it keeps inside.

Barrio de San Blás

The San Blás neighborhood

This is the neighborhood of the many artisans that inhabit Cusco. Walking through its streets you will find the famous Hatun Rumiyoc street where the Stone of the 12 angles is located. Various families of artisans have been there for generations. Nobody can pass through Cusco without visiting this emblematic neighborhood.

Coricancha Temple

This is the temple where the Incas practiced their cult of heavenly bodies, especially the Sun. It was their most important religious center. Above this temple is the Santo Domingo convent.

Church and Convent of La Merced

It is a church that keeps incredible relics of great value. Within its walls is a piece called “La custodia de la Merced”. It is made with 24 karat gold and has countless inlays with precious stones.

Inca Museum

This museum is administered by the University of Cusco. There you can admire a large series of objects from the Inca culture. It works in the Casa del Almirante, very close to the Plaza de Armas.
Another museum that you can find on your tour of the historic center of Cusco is the Casa Concha Museum. It has a collection of objects brought from Machu Pichu by the American Bingham. It is a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas.
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