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12 Tips for traveling to Cusco with an older adult

12 Tips for traveling to Cusco with an older adult

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12 Tips for traveling to Cusco with an older adult

Mainly, before knowing and enjoying an unforgettable experience, for native reasons and according to our experience, it is important to keep in mind those 12 tips for traveling to Cusco with an older adult, therefore, you must also pay great interest and attention.

The higher the altitude, so there is less atmospheric pressure and less oxygen pressure, causing symptoms such as:

Symptoms of altitude sickness

✨Intense headaches,
✨ Fatigue or physical exhaustion,
✨Nausea and vomiting,
✨Lack of appetite and
✨ Sleep disorder.
Altitude sickness or soroche is the body’s lack of adaptation to altitude.

Tips for dealing with altitude sickness very well

💗It is advisable to gain altitude gradually.
💗 Drink plenty of fluids. Because altitude dehydrates, it is advisable to drink between 4 to 5 liters of water per day.
🧡Try to consume foods that give your body energy such as: Andean grains (quinoa, kiwicha), fruits, jams, cereals, among others.
🧡The elderly should not travel alone, they should try to be accompanied.
💛Before the trip, you should consult with the doctor, to carry out medical examinations and know how to identify if you are fit to travel.
💛 Label the medicines, with schedules and in specific details
Book direct flights.
💚Bring comfortable clothes, adequate luggage for the days of your stay.
💚 Always carry fruits, chocolate, cookies, a sandwich, among others.
💙Identify going in low season, to avoid crowds of travelers.
💙Remember to ask the bank for permission to use the cards abroad.
💜Perform a thorough investigation of the destination.
💜 Bring original and updated documents

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All these tips are useful when planning your trip, once you arrive in the city of Cuzco, consider other content, points and suggestions from the travel agency and the tourism professional.

Our company Andean Explore’s Cusco has more than two decades offering an excellent tourist service. We have good references. Contact us and enjoy all our benefits to visit the historic capital of Peru. And learn more about content regarding 12 tips for traveling with an older adult.

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