Economic reactivation 2021 in Cusco

Economic reactivation 2021 in Cusco

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Economic reactivation 2021 in Cusco

The economic reactivation 2021 in Cusco is one of the goals that the Peruvian government is currently proposing. Despite the disastrous impact of Covid-19, which has affected the economy worldwide.
Tourism far exceeds all economic sectors affected by the pandemic globally; Cusco, the tourist center of Peru, has been seriously affected.
But there is good news for this beautiful Peruvian land, which by the end of last year 2019 had already received more than 4 million tourists. Let’s see the plans for the economic reactivation 2021 in Cusco.
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Economic recovery 2021 in Cusco: plans to achieve it

Although the pandemic has worsened, government entities are betting on the economic reactivation of Cusco in 2021. The big question would be this: What measures will be taken to face the crisis? Let’s see what the authorities say.
In this sense, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism ruled on the matter. Its holder Claudia Cornejo said that the government hopes to achieve the recovery of tourism in mid-2021.
She assures that although tourism fell sharply in 2020, at the end of that year there was a certain rebound when international flights were reactivated.
Although the income from tourism in 2020 only reached just over 900 million dollars; It is expected that at the end of the first half of 2021 these revenues will be more than 1.2 billion dollars, according to MINCETUR

Challenges that Cusco faces in 2021

Today we see that it is already 15 months since the Covid-19 pandemic began and the tourism economic sector is practically paralyzed. The pandemic caused events that seriously affected tourism, such as these:

  • The closing of the borders.
  • Delay of payments and rents by tourist entities.
  • Absence of tourists, since several countries paralyzed international flights and Peru also closed emblematic places such as the Machu Picchu sanctuary and the city of Cusco.
  • Increase in unemployment. Drivers, artisans, guides, merchants, and restaurant and hotel employees have been affected equally.

In this beautiful region of only 500,000 inhabitants, nearly 100,000 people depend directly on tourism and more than that amount does so indirectly. Hence, Cusco has decided to face these challenges and reactivate its economy.
As the main measure of the reopening of tourism in Cusco, the Minister of Tourism announced the acquisition of vaccines against Covid-19. He also said that the government will continue to insist to the population with prevention measures, so that the economic reactivation 2021 in Cusco is a reality.
You see that this 2021 you can travel to Cusco and enjoy its incredible monuments and landscapes.

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