Machupicchu visits United States

Machupicchu visits United States

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Congratulations! Machupicchu visits United States

Good news, Machupicchu visits the United States are its imposing golden shining powers of Peru, this event has a start date of October 16 of this year 2021, will take place in the famous and spectacular museum in the United States, exactly the exhibition will be held at the Boca Raton Museum of Art in Florida, United States.

Machupicchu exhibited in the United States

The exhibition will showcase the cultural traditions that occupied our country and held a substantial segment of South American life for more than 3,000 years, one of the most interesting universes that can be observed:

  • Completely virgin gold clothing, dating back to 13,000 A.D., and that for its distinctive features must have belonged to a ruler who inhabited the communities of Chan Chan, capital of the Chimú empire.
  • Perfectly finished belongings of characters such as: Cupisnique, Vicús, Mochica, Chimú.
  • Ceramic pieces, some of the masterpieces belonging to the Larco Museum, such as the Nasca drum, the “Cupisnique duality”, the “Larco Piece” with the narrative of the sacrifice ceremony and the delivery of the cup.
  • Pieces of great format, like the Pacopampa stela.

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