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Safe Travels Perú

The Safe Travels seal and its importance in the tourist life of a country

Firstly, certification is so important because it reinforces the reactivation of tourism worldwide. It is developed by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), in which they launched a series of safety guidelines for the tourism sector, in turn, the identification of the seal that certifies you for the good practices it applies, that is why we explain a little what it consists of, below:

Understanding the Protocol

The main origin of its creation is to help the reactivation of tourism worldwide. Certifying that, the application of the protocol starts its application both for the traveler and for the service provider. In which, the protocol is divided into sections with certain guidelines for:

  • Hotel
  • Tour Operator
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Convention Centers

Made up of three fundamental pillars:

  1. The use of technology to avoid physical contact of the tourist with the employees of the company.
  2. Information on the recommendations that are issued by the World Health Organization.
  3. Use and recommend disinfection products that are endorsed by the Health industry.

Who is involved?

  1. The World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. The Centers for Disease Prevention
  3. Governments of some countries
  4. Private Sector
  5. World Tourism Organization

In conclusion, the Safe travels Seal is one of the most important recognition protocols in the world because it guarantees that a company applies anti-Covid-19 health safety protocols. It can be requested from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

In Peru there is a Safe Travels Seal, how can I get it?

These three processes that are mentioned now must first be fulfilled:

  • Implement Peruvian health protocols
  • Request a municipal inspection, sunafil, or the health authority of the region.
  • Affidavit

Peru is one of the distinguished countries around the world to obtain the Safe Travels seal… We are all ambassadors and promoters of our destiny.