South American Camelids Theme Park

South American Camelids Theme Park

South American Camelids Theme Park

South American Camelids Theme Park , ,

We begin by commenting that the South American Camelids theme park is located 23 km from the city of Cusco, in the district of Taray.

On the way to the Sacred Valley, you will find Awanakancha, a beautiful exhibition center for South American textiles and camelids that, in addition to presenting the beauty and benefits of vicuñas, alpacas, llamas, and guanacos, shows its derivatives obtained thanks to a combination of traditional and modern techniques.

📌Interesting Facts:

✨Hours: 8:00 – 17:30 *Referential schedule
✨Climate: Min. 1 °C / Max. 20 °C
✨Price: Free admission
✨The tour is done by a guide specialized in English and Spanish.
✨Indispensable: Camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, effective.
✨Height: 3 523 m a.s.m.

An authentic living museum that involves and benefits fourteen camelid breeding communities in the area. Its fibers are considered among the finest and most sought-after in the world. Incredible! Come and meet it with us, here we leave you our means of communication, locate us or call us. We are waiting for you!!

Enjoy the charms of the South American Camelid Theme Park

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South American Camelids Theme Park

South American camelids are a group of animals native to South America that include species such as the llama, alpaca, vicuña, and guanaco. These animals are prized for their wool, meat, and labor power in many South American cultures, and they also play an important role in local ecosystems.

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Some features of the theme park:

The “South American Camelid Theme Park” is a space designed to educate and entertain visitors about South American camelids, a group of animals native to South America that includes species such as the llama, alpaca, vicuña, and guanaco. Through educational exhibits, simulated habitats, and interactive activities, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history, biology, ecology, and cultural significance of these fascinating animals.

The park recreates natural habitats of South American camelids, allowing visitors to get a close look at how these species live and behave in their native environment. In addition, it offers interactive activities such as the possibility of feeding alpacas or llamas, walking with them and learning traditional techniques such as spinning wool.

An important part of the park is dedicated to the promotion of arts and crafts related to camelid wool. Visitors can explore and purchase products made from this wool, such as clothing, textiles and traditional handicrafts, thus contributing to the preservation of cultural traditions and supporting local communities.

The “South American Camelids Theme Park” also organizes special cultural events, such as wool festivals, parades and musical performances, to celebrate and share the rich traditions associated with camelids. In addition, the park collaborates with conservation organizations to promote the protection of South American camelid species and their natural habitats, thus contributing to the preservation of the region’s biodiversity.

For the most up-to-date information on the “Parque Témático Camélidos Sudamericanos”, it is recommended to search online or consult local sources in South America for accurate details on any recent developments and activities offered by this attractive destination.

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