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The surprising origin of Cusco

The surprising origin of Cusco

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The surprising origin of Cusco

Let us know the origin of Cusco, a magical place of great cultural and archaeological wealth, which everyone must visit. The surprising origin of Cusco is that this city was the capital of the Inca Empire and was founded by Manco Capac, in compliance with the designs of the Sun god.
The greatness of Cusco is perceived from every place of the magnanimous fortresses and relics observed throughout the tour. Then it is important because, the sons of the Sun god created an empire in these lands that, according to archaeological evidence, has existed for about 3000 years.

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How was the origin of Cusco

Throughout history, different data have been collected about the origin of Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire.


Mythologically it is said that its origin is due to a mandate from the Sun god to Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo. These first Incas had the mission of looking for land that would allow them to organize and educate humans.
The Sun god provided Manco Capac with a golden staff, which would indicate when they found the right place. To do this, they had to stick the rod in different places visited, the place where it would sink the most would be the chosen site.

Capital of Tahuantinsuyo

Finally, after experimenting in many places, the goldenrod was deeply nailed to the skirts of Huanacaure. This place would later become the capital of Tahuantinsuyo, where the Quechua peoples displaced the Aymara.
The Inca mother would teach her daughters the arts of textile pottery, as well as housework. Father Manco Cápac would educate his children about agricultural and livestock processes, as well as the art of goldsmithing.

Historical origin

With the fall of the Tiahuanaco empire, a great migratory process took place towards the valley, on the banks of the Huatanay River. This process would lead to the foundation and origin of Cusco, in the pre-Inca era. Anthropological studies show the existence of different tribes for more than 3000 years, such as the Guallas, Antasayas, and Sahuasiray.

Inca Empire

The Inca government center was concentrated in Cusco since before the imperial era, remaining after its expansion. As the Inca Empire advanced, this city took on greater importance, becoming the most relevant in South America.
The transformation into the political and mystical nucleus of the empire is attributed to the determination of the ruler Pachacútec and his son Túpac Yupanqui. They spent more than fifty years coordinating and organizing the tribes under their rule.
After the arrival of the Spanish, the Inca Empire fell and was subject to a radical cultural change imposed. Lima became the capital, but the forces that gave rise to Cusco remained there, faithful to the Inca spirit.

Cusco today

Currently, Cusco is recognized as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it is also the historical and tourist capital of Peru. Due to its mythical history, mixed with modernity, it turns out to be a very attractive place for tourists from all over the world.
We take you to enjoy all the magic of nature that gave rise to Cusco. As well as all its historical and cultural appeal, savoring the best dishes in South America.
If you visit Cusco today, you cannot miss the opportunity to know its typical dishes, which will surprise you, we recommend you visit:

Central Market of San Pedro

San Blas Market

Come and be surprised by how interesting the city of Cusco is, if you need a general and personalized consultation, you can complete the form using this link.

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