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Visit Machupicchu

Visit Machupicchu

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Visit Machupicchu

When you are going to travel, you should always inform yourself of the destination in all its senses, entrance, requirements, climate, places to visit. So here we tell you the last details so that you have a trip where we can tell you that Visit Machupicchu; gave you an extraordinary experience.

Entrance to Machupicchu

To request it we explain, you can get it directly at the Tourist Ticket Sales Office located on Maruri Street in the city of Cusco. On the other hand, you have the modality of buying through the official website or also making the reservation through the website and canceling in the physical offices.

Now, already having the entrance to Machupicchu, you need to have access to the train that is another entrance ticket and will depend in turn on the duration time, has several stops where you can climb, keep reading and we will tell you more.

Entrance to the Train

Local Train: In the Wanchaq Station in the city of Cusco tickets are purchased, there is no online modality. It should also be noted that these tickets are not available a day or two days before, it takes many days to buy them; it is with total anticipation.

  • Firstly it is allowed to buy the ticket from other people who are directly related.
  • Its price is S/12 approximately $3 children pay S/10.
  • The local train is only for Peruvian citizens with ID and resident foreigners with an Aliens Card.

Inca Rail or Peru Rail: It is for foreign nationals, the income value is about $70.

Very well to have the entrance tickets to the train you must go to Ollantaytambo, you take advantage of knowing the Sacred Valley, taste the local food and take a souvenir on your way to the train to Machupicchu.

How to get to Ollantaytambo on your own?

First, you must locate Pavitos Street where you will find the whereabouts of the buses (they are private cars, where several passengers go), for the price of S / 10 per person, the route is 1 hour and 30 min.

They will leave you in a straight street, at the end is the train station, in it, you will find several options of native foods. We advise you to eat something before starting the trip that lasts at least 2 hours to Aguas Caliente which is the community that is at the foot of Machupicchu.

We arrive at Agua Calientes, once you reach the town of Aguas Calientes you have two options to get to Visit Machupicchu;

  • the first is free – walking;
  • the second is taking a bus is practically fast, because they leave every 10 min, tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance ticket offices located on Mayta Capac Street.

Go up to visit Machupicchu by Bus

Similarly, the rate will vary depending on whether you are national or foreign, to board the bus you must have the entrance ticket to Machupicchu.

Arriving at the Sanctuary

Machu Picchu, Información para Viajar
Visit Machupicchu✅

For the entrance, you must have at hand, the identification document, and the entrance ticket to Machupicchu. We advise you before going up to the toilets that its value is S / 2 because the tour lasts as long as you require.

Therefore an important fact is that you can tour the Sanctuary with a guide, which you can hire in Aguas Calientes, it is not mandatory.

In conclusion, now then it is time to discover all the secrets, stories, anecdotes that Machupicchu has to know.

Visit Machupicchu✅

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