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50 Charms of the Cusco Region

50 Charms of the Cusco Region

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First, we will start a visualized tour, to discover the 50 Charms of the Cusco Region that you will be able to know when you arrive at the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport.
Despite the fact that the Inca empire disappeared more than 500 years ago, they have left a legacy that currently lives on today, and best of all, in perfect condition.
Join us to discover each of the areas that hide the 50 charms of the Cusco Region.
You can undertake the route knowing, the historic center of the capital of the Inca empire, among its streets full of stories, we begin:

Historical Center

• Main Square.
• Basilica of La Merced.
• Stone of the 12 angles.
• Convent of Santo Domingo.
• San Pedro Market.
• Enjoy a glass of some kind of liquor, you can do it from one of the balconies on the 2nd floor of the buildings that surround the square.
• If you prefer to go out dancing, the clubs around the main square offer free salsa and bachata classes starting at 9 pm, followed by the ¡Baile!
• Visit the planetarium in Cusco.

The journey can continue with the:

San Blas neighborhood

• The famous artisan workshops in the San Blas neighborhood
• Temple of the Sun or Coricancha
• Textile Center
• Attend craft fairs or festivities (free) every Sunday with music, local cuisine, and dancing.

Archaeological Center

Cusco is located in the heart of the Andes, and what better than to know the archaeological sites, which are currently in perfect condition.

Going up to the viewpoint of Cristo Blanco and seeing the entire city of Cusco, is Impressive! Then it is time to tour the imposing archaeological sites, such as:

• Sacsayhuaman
• Qenqo
• Puca Pucara
• Tambomachay

If you were delighted with the stories that these archaeological centers capture, now we can know a little more about a tourist route full of art.

Among the 50 Charms of the Cusco Region, Enjoy the various museums

• Popular art museum
• Regional History
• Inka Museum
• Máximo Laura Museum
• Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
• Coca Museum
• Pisco Museum
• The Concha House
• Archbishop’s Palace. It houses the museum of religious art
• Choco museum invites the ideal activity to create with children: a workshop (2h) to create your own chocolate palette.

sacred valley

Main tourist attractions.

1. Chinchero
2. Pisac
3. Maras
4. Moray

South Sacred Valley

Together with the precise places in the Sacred Valley, there are other less touristy sites, which include in the south of the region:

Passing through the town of Oropesa, the national capital of bread, it is an obligatory stop to taste the rich artisan bread.

• Andahuaylillas
– St. Peter’s Church. (Sistine Church of America)
– Main Square
• Tipón
• Pikillacata or known as the small town or the fleas.


The great citadel of Machu Picchu

50 Charms of the Cusco Region

The Mountain of 7 colors

An important point is to mention his real name is that Vinicunca, but it is also known as:

• Rainbow Mountain
• Mountain of the Seven Colors

There is another colorful mountain in Cusco, with much lack of discovery, which also offers beautiful landscapes:
• Palcoyo (also written Palccoyo).

Nevado Humantay

• Humantay Lagoon

Finally, other awesome tourist spots

1. Perolniyoc waterfall
2. Waqrapukara
3. Inti Punku or Puerta del Sol
4. Nevado Veronica
5. The Queshuachaca Bridge
6. Singrenacocha Lake
7. Suykutambo Canyon
8. the Choquequirao trek
9. Huchuy Qosqo
10. Ausangate trek