where is cuzco located?

where is cuzco located?

where is cuzco located?

where is cuzco located? , , ,

That is a good question, because many times we want to go to know somewhere, for various reasons, either because a friend, family or acquaintance told us, but a great question comes to our head: where is Cuzco located?

We will start by commenting that Cuzco belongs to Peru, exactly in the southeastern region, comprising Andean territory and part of the high jungle.

Now, Peru is located on the continent of South America, on the western side of South America, exactly on the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn.

North: Ecuador and Colombia

South: Chile

South-East: Bolivia

East: Brazil

West: Pacific Ocean

The city of Cuzco is located

In the southern part of the Andes Mountains in Peru, located at 3,399 meters above sea level. With 71 986 km² of surface, it is the fourth largest department.

✔South Latitude: 13º 30 ́45″

✔West longitude: between meridians 73º 59 ́52″ and 73º 57 ́ 45″

✔Population density: 16.7 inhabitants/km².

✔Population: Total: 1 205,527 inhabitants.6

✔Capital of the Department: Cuzco (3,399 m a.s.m.)

✔Provinces: Acomayo, Anta, Calca, Canas, Canchis, Cuzco, Chumbivilcas, Espinar, ✔LaConvención, Paruro, Paucartambo, Quispicanchi and Urubamba.

✔Districts: 112.

✔Climate: It is characterized by the season, its climate is cold and dry from May to December and rainy in the months of January to April. The average temperature in the capital is 12 °C with the maximum being 18 °C and the minimum around 4 °C or so. The Amazon rainforest is tropical

Limits of Cuzco:

North: Ucayali

South: Arequipa and Puno

East: Madre de Dios and Puno

West: Arequipa, Apurimac, Ayacucho, Junín

Surely we can have related questions, such as the following:

What is your official currency?

The official currency of Peru is the ‘Peruvian sun’. However, the different services and tourist businesses in Cusco accept the dollar as a bargaining chip.

Symbol: S/

Banknotes: S/10, S/20, S/50, S/100, S/200

What is its hourly use?Vamos a Cusco

Time zone: UTC-5 America/Lima

What is your official language?

where is cuzco located


We find in the region of Cuzco that the predominant language throughout the Andean zone is Quechua, although 8 native languages are spoken in the Amazon area, such as:

  • Matsiguenga
  • Ashaninka
  • Nahua
  • Nanti
  • Yine
  • Kakinte
  • Harakbut – Wachiperi


where is cuzco located?